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Market Alert – June 20

Below are listed all of my ‘Daily Market Alerts for June 20’.

In today’s ‘Market Alert’ I review yesterday’s trades and also show you how you can adjust the settings to give more potential trades.

As the reality of the global shut down takes hold, the stock market euphoria and Fed printing makes way for a reality check!

In today’s ‘Market Alert’ I take an in-depth look at yesterday’s trades and dissect not only each trade, but also each price bar pointing out the relevant and pertinent points.

I also discuss why it’s important, even if you come out of a trade too early, how you can find clues that would have allowed you stay with the trade, which can be used later in other trades that show the same pattern and give you the confidence to stick with the trade!


In today’s ‘Market Alert’ I look at yesterday’s fall in the market and review the trades in the Dax.


In today’s ‘Market Alert’ I look at the potential massive stock selling that is about to hit the market and also review yesterday’s trades.


Today’s ‘Market Alert’ is split into two parts. In the first part I look at yesterday’s market action and three trades in the German Dax.
The second part looks at yesterday’s headline which said, “Bank of England rescued government, reveals governor”.
I couldn’t help, but a few weeks ago I was going to record a video about the Fed printing an additional $4 dollars which was hidden in the Coronavirus Stimulus bill. I had said to friends the lock down couldn’t have been convenient as the financial system was on the brink of collapse.

The full interview of Jim Sinclair by Greg Hunter can be found here, and I highly recommend watching it. Click here

Both the Dow and Dax moved sharply lower on Friday following the quadruple witching. With news over the weekend that there’s been a spike in COVID cases in Germany, the U.S. and Brazil prices have gapped lower on the overnight, but have during this morning’s alert managed to fill the gap down. The question is, ‘Will it hold?”

In today’s ‘Market Alert’ I look at yesterday’s trading session and news that moved the market.
I also look at a potential new pattern of COVID news that’s being used to spike the markets to the downside and how to deal with this!

In today’s Market Alert, I spoke about the ‘alert’ feature in the software. Below you can find a video tutorial about this.

Video tutorial on how to update the Omni Predictor software –

Omni Trade Alert Tutorial –

In today’s Market Alert I review yesterday’s trades and also look at why there’s a very good chance that the volatility is going to increase during the next two weeks as the June options expire! !

In today’s ‘Market Alert’ I look at the stock markets reaction to both the ‘retail figures’, the UK jobless claims and also Powell’s testimony before the Treasury Select committee during yesterday afternoon’s trading session!

In today’s ‘Market Alert’ I look at the Fed’s announcement during yesterday’s trading session to buy individual corporate debt and it’s impact going forward.
I also review yesterday’s trades, and what to look out for once in a trade.

In today’s ‘Market Alert’ I look back at Friday’s market action and go through the finer points of a  59 pt profit in  the German Dax.

In today’s ‘Market Alert’ I look at the Dow’s fall from grace yesterday closing down 1800 pts at the close of trade as fears rise of a second COVID spike!

The overnight Dow is currently 300 pts off yesterday’s low, so be prepared for an attempted drive to try and move prices higher today! Will it work? Who knows, but if it doesn’t, then we’re going to be revisiting the sorts of moves to the downside we saw in Feb of this year!

Powell says he will do anything to support the economy, but is the market beginning to realise that this is all a big lie? If it is, this is good news for Omni traders as the market weakens, the short trades will offer faster, and bigger profits!

In today’s ‘Market Alert’ I look at the relentless rise of the stock markets and reveiw yesterday’s intra-day trades in the German Dax.

In today’s ‘Market Alert’ I look at Friday’s FAKE Non Farm Payroll numbers! How low can Trump’s administration go? It would to be very low!

In today’s ‘Market Alert’ I look at the NASADQ’s return to the all time highs after losing over 3,000pts in Feb and March!

In today’s ‘Market Alert’ I look at the Dow and German Dax’s relentless rise back towards the all time highs despite 40 million US job losses and the failing global economy!

In today’s ‘Market Alert’ I look at why the stock market continues higher even though the US burns and the economy is falling apart.
I also show you how you can take advantage of this by predicting, where the market is likely to move to using fibs retracements!

In today’s ‘Market Alert’ I look at yesterday’s market action whilst the US riots and burns!

In today’s ‘Market Alert’ I look at the Dow, German Dax and also the new bull move in silver and why this is just the beginning of a major move for this market.