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TUCP Market Alert – August 19

Below are listed all of my ‘Daily TUCP Alerts for August 19’.

In this edition of the ‘Market Alert’, I cover yesterday’s moves in the Dow, the Pound and the drop in Bitcoin below $10,000 level.

In today’s ‘Market Alert’ I look at yesterday’s Dow move, the Pound’s move to the upside, and what to look out for in Bitcoin if you trade it during its current consolidation period. I also look at what the current increase in the price of gold means for the global economy and why I believe it’s moving higher and not being pummelled lower like is have been since 2011.

In today’s special ‘Market Alert’ we look at Friday’s sell off in the stock market, the rise in the Pound and what to expect from Bitcoin during today’s session.

In today’s ‘Market Alert’ I look at why the Dow is heading back to the highs, the Pounds being pushed lower and go over yesterday’s trade in Bticoin following my comments in yesterday morning’s Alert about the potential break to the upside this offered.

In today’s ‘Market Alert’ I look at the recent trades in the Dow, Pound and Bitcoin.

I also show a great website where you and see which global yields are inverted at a glance.

In today’s ‘Market Alert’ I look at the Dow’s recovery during the late part of yesterday’s session.
I also look at the new record lows in the 2 – 10 yield curve and what this means, and then finish of with a look at what’s going on in Bitcoin.

In today’s ‘Market Alert’ my focus is on the Dow and the 800pt drop during yesterday’s session.
I also discuss the inversion of the 2 and 10 bonds and why this more or less guarantees a recession within the next twelve months.

In today’s ‘Market Alert’ we look at what was behind the 600pt in the Dow, the continuing warning signal of a recession from the inverted yield curve and what to expect from this going forward.

In today’s ‘Market Alert’ I focus on the Dow’s continuing weakness and where it’s likely to go from here.
I also look at the inverted yield curve and what we can expect from this going forward.

In today’s ‘Market Alert’ I focus on the Dow, Pound and Bitcoin’s trading session from Friday. 

I also look at why the price of gold is now at its highest prices in 72 currencies! 

The Dow is currently finding support, but it yesterday’s action was purely levitation by the market makers. 
Meanwhile, the Pound is showing an interesting volume pattern and Bitcoin is sideways with modest intra-day moves. 
In today’s ‘Market Alert’ I look at what stopped the market moving higher, and how Trump is going to force Powell to cut rates, and maybe even before the September meeting!


In today’s ‘Market Alert’, I look at the market’s negative reaction and Trump’s reaction to Fed Chair Powell’s comments!