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TUCP Market Alert – October 18

Below are listed all of my October ‘Daily Market Alerts’.

Following Monday’s flash trade, I have received quite a few enquiries from subscribers about how I would have managed this trade, therefore, I have devoted today’s Alert to this example and why, given a pickup in volatility this money management approach is profitable and repeatable!  

In today’s Alert, I look at yesterday’s sharp drop in Bitcoin’s price and show you why I believe this is a small shakeout to allow the big players to get the weak holders to sell in readiness for an up move once the consolidation ends. 

In today’s TUCP Alert I look at how low the average trading range is likely to fall before we see Bitcoin’s volatility increase! 
In today’s TUCP Alert I look in depth of what a quiet market is, how it works and what’s going to happen when it breaks. 
Understanding where are market is in its current phase, (bull, bear, consolidation) gives you a massive trading edge. 
You’ll be amazed what’s uncovered in today’s Alert! 
In today’s Alert, we look at Bitcoin expert Tom Lee’s prediction for Bitcoin prices exploding higher back to the $20,000 level.  
Could it? Who knows, but there’s certainly a few clues in the charts that indicate that an explosive move is certainly in the making. 

In today’s Alert, I show you where to find another series  of tutorial videos. This series of videos cover all of the functionality of the TUCP software, so while the markets quiet and any questions you may have with regards to the tools in the software, then take a look! 

You can also use this section as a future reference guide too. 

The market remains quiet, with a bit of a spike to the upside on the overnight market with prices hitting the 6488 level. Let’s see how the market reacts to this today. 

In today’s Alert, I show you where to find a new video I have recorded with regards to which orders you should use on the Bitmex exchange when trading a TUCP trade setup. 

We also look at the continuing sideways move, looking for potential clues for when it could break! 

Prices remain sideways, in a $148 range. On the face of it, this looks bad, but it’s not. This is normal for a market that is building for a breakout. 
Before prices can rise again, there has to be a transferring of assets from the weak to the strong holder in any market. 
The tighter the range of a market becomes, the more energy is stored and the bigger the move when it breaks out. Hang in there, it’s just a matter of time before we see some major moves in this market. 
As Bitcoin prices remain quiet, I look at what to expect prices to do going forward and how you should play it at the moment.
In today’s I start off showing where to find the new series of videos I have recorded that show you how to place orders in DEMO Bitmex platform.
I also analyse where we are in Bitcoin’s current market cycle.
In today’s TUCP Alert I show you what signs look for in order to get back into the market!
There’s also some good news, the Wall Street boys are investing hundreds of millions in to setting up crypto trading desks! We’re at the beginning of something very exciting!
In today’s TUCP Alert I talk about the new series of videos I have recorded on how to use the Bitmex order tickets, along with looking at yesterday’s price action, and what to expect today.
In today’s TUCP Alert, we look at the $500 breakout move in Bitcoin, and what to expect next!
In today’s TUCP Alert I look at the recent shakeout and how the market has reacted to it, and show you what to look for.

The market still remains fairly quiet, but this doesn’t stop you from paper trading and getting used to the software and the Bitmex exchange.

In today’s TUCP Alert I look at the sharp fall in the Bitcoin price over night and how this represents a good opportunity for us to be able to buy Bitcoin at a lower price.

I also look at the next down side support level of $6,000 and why this is such a major level.

In today’s TUCP Alert I look at why you should  invest your time in setting up and understanding both TUCP charting software and the Bitmex platform so you’re ready to pull the trigger as soon as the market gives us the trading opportunity.
In today’s TUCP Alert I look at why all sideways moves aren’t bad and how to determine which ones can be traded and which ones are best left alone!
In today’s TUCP Alert I discuss he narrowing and tightening of Bitcoin prices and how this pattern is indicative of a market storing up energy ready for a big move! This is the calm before the storm!
In today’s TUCP Alert I discuss the research I did yesterday where I uncovered a pattern in Bitcoin that could indicate we’re getting close to the volatility returning to this market.
In today’s Alert we look at the continuing saga of the sideways move and what to do while it continues!
In today’s TUCP Alert 3rd Oct 18 I discuss how the BTC price is starting to break to the downside and what this means going forward.
In today’s TUCP Alert I discuss the market cycle applied to Bitcoin and discuss the cycle phase that Bitcoin is currently trading in and what we can expect going forward.
In today’s Alert, we look at how the drop off in volatility has impacted the daily trading range.
I also cover a technique I was told about nearly 30 years ago on how to you can measure and us the sideways range’s length and then use this to project a profit target once prices break out.